About mee

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My Story 

Into the forest I went after a heavy rain. The storm had torn trees off the ground and cracked cliffs into two. My feet could feel the ground still trembling, scared of the thunder. So many fallen branches and ruined flowers, and the still living roots sticking towards the sky, reaching up and begging for help - all melting together into a portrait of utter chaos.

The silence wrapped me into its arms and invited me to enjoy the post apocalyptic calmness and harmony. Standing at the ruins of a life once known and the forced space for a new one. My bare feet comfortably on the wet moss,

realising that the fresh air had never tasted so good before.

I am Katharina Schmidt, an artist from Helsinki, Finland. Art has always been the way for me to express myself and work through my experiences and feelings, whether it was as a kid late at night under candle light at my summer house or creating a center piece painting for a client in Melbourne in my apartment in Helsinki. Each art work I make I have a story for. It usually is clear in my head before I even touch the canvas, and realises as I work through the painting.

The purpose of my art is to surprise and fulfil, to bring peace and excitement. I am a rebel and I want to shake you at times - the best part of art is it has no boundaries and it has no rules that must be obliged.

That is because art is real.
Art is freedom.
Art is the unbearable bliss of existence.